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Sulfate Removal
Apex Engineering designed and helped install two biological sulfate removal systems at closed mines for Kinross Gold in Washington State.  I have also evaluated the Cost-Effective Sulfate Removal (CESR) process for sulfate removal, which is a chemical treatment system able to achieve very low sulfate concentrations under most conditions.  Click on each project title or picture to see more information on that project, and click on the company name to go to that website.
Bioreactors for sulfate removal and nitrate removal designed by Apex Engineering
Larger bioreactor system for sulfate removal
Client:  Kinross Gold Corporation
Location:  Republic, Washington
Papers by Apex Engineering on sulfate removal:
Client:  Kinross Gold Corporation
Location:  Republic, Washington
CESR process for sulfate removal
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Client:  Clearwater Layline
Location:  Virginia, Minnesota
Schematic of bioreactors for sulfate removal from mine water
Client:  Veris Gold USA Inc.
Location:  Elko, Nevada