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Sulfate Removal at the Key Mine
As process engineer for this project, Apex Engineering designed and oversaw construction of this biological treatment system for sulfate and nitrate removal to meet state antidegradation standards.   Flow rates range from 6 to 50 gpm, with nitrate-nitrogen concentrations of 6 to 30 mg/L and sulfate concentrations of 100 to 900 mg/L.   Project responsibilities included column testing, preparation of engineering reports and O&M manuals for state review, meeting with state scientists and engineers, conceptual design and cost estimation, final design and construction oversight, teaming with other consultants on the project, and start-up and operations support.   The selected technology combines engineered reactors and in situ biological treatment.
Sulfate treatment system
Sulfate treatment system under construction
Winter operations for sulfate removal
Treatment system designed by Apex Engineering for sulfate removal and nitrate removal
Plastic media in Tank 1 of the Key Mine treatment system, with historic mining cabin in background
Treatment tanks with insulating covers
System under construction
Treatment in winter
Here's a paper and presentation on this project: