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New Projects
I am now assisting an East Coast-based water treatment company with technical writing for their website and marketing materials.

With Hydrometrics, I am exploring treatment alternatives for a beet sugar factory in eastern Montana.

I presented a short course on "Mine Water Treatment -- Technologies, Case Studies and Costs" at Fairmont Hot Springs, MT in May 2015.  Look for this on the 'Short Course' page.

​In July 2014, I performed a process audit of the Montana-Dakota Utilities landfill gas extraction facility operated at the City of Billings landfill.  This provided me with a great deal of interesting information on this form of alternative energy.  I performed a similar process audit for Full Circle Biofuels in Bozeman, MT in early 2015.
Existing Projects
Working with Veris Gold (now Jerritt Canyon Gold), I made a presentation to the Nevada Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation (BMRR) in October 2013.  We discussed plans for sulfate-reducing bioreactors to treat seepage from rock disposal areas (RDAs) at the Jerritt Canyon Mine, and also discussed plans for arsenic and antimony removal from mine water.  We and Morrison-Maierle, Inc. submitted Engineering Design Changes (design reports, drawings and specs) to the BMRR to address this issue in 2014.  Along with Sovereign Consulting, we are designing and overseeing construction of bioreactors at three sites in 2015-16.

New Projects and Developments
Floating Island International and I produced an informative You Tube video on floating islands and strategies for nutrient removal from water in November 2013.

Here's a link to a February 2014 podcast on "Floating Islands as a Natural Solution to Water Pollution."