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Metals Removal at Buckhorn Mountain Mine
Apex Engineering was the process engineer for a 100-gpm mine water treatment system at this new gold mine.   Project tasks included process analysis, bench testing, process design, cost estimation, construction technical support, and system start-up and optimization.   Treatment parameters include nitrate, ammonia, arsenic and metals, and technologies considered include ion exchange and biological treatment. The ion exchange plant started operations in late 2007 and the plant was soon upgraded for enhanced removal of all contaminants.

Additional work since start-up included design and installation of a redundant treatment train for metals, arsenic and ammonia, a modification to countercurrent ion exchange, and addition of breakpoint chlorination for extreme fluctuations in influent ammonia levels.
Loading media to remove metals and other contaminants
Ion exchange vessels to remove metals and other contaminants
New treatment plant conceptually designed by Apex Engineering for mine water
At the mine water treatment plant
Four new ion exchange vessels to treat 100 gpm
Completed water treatment plant
Winter sunrise at Buckhorn Mountain
Process engineer loading media
Here's a presentation on the project: