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Nitrate and Perchlorate Removal at Alpha Explosives
Remediation system designed by Apex Engineering
Apex Engineering serves as process engineer and project manager for this project, working with Hydrometrics, Inc. We have performed site remediation of contaminated groundwater since 2000 and have designed, implemented and analyzed data from four in situ pilot bioremediation tests.  Full-scale remediation at the site began in 2006, with the fourth phase of remediation and monitoring currently underway.   We have obtained very promising results for in situ bioremediation of nitrate and perchlorate using sodium acetate and vegetable oil carbon sources.
Injection set-up for nitrate and perchlorate remediation
GeoProbe rig for pressurized reagent injection
Gravity-flow reagent addition at multiple injection wells
Schematic of pilot-scale biological treatment system
Carbon is added to remove nitrate and perchlorate in situ
Schematic of reagent addition for in situ biological treatment
Here's a paper on the project: